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Born in Minnesota, with a BA from Marlboro College, an MFA from George Washington University, and apprenticeship to 12th-generation Japanese potter, Tarouemon Nakazato in Karatsu, Japan, and working directly under Takashi Nakazato, Malcolm Wright has brought to his work a diversity of sources.

1962 - BA, Marlboro College, Marlboro, VT
1967 - MFA, George Washington University, Washington, DC
1968-70 - Apprenticed to Taroueman Nakazato Xll,
           Living National Treasure, Karatsu, Japan

1970-1980 - Marlboro College, Marlboro, VT
1963-1967 - Corcoran School of Art, Washington, DC

Sara, 950 Lexington Ave. New York, NY 10021. Tel. 212.772.3243

2011 - Cynthia - Reeves New England, Hanover NH,
           July 16 - Sept. 3
2008 - eo art lab, Chester, CT
2007 - Spheris Gallery, Hanover NH
           Fuller Craft Museum
2006 - "Coast to Coast", Anton Gallery, Monterey, CA
           "Decade: Potters of Hikarigama 1995-2005" Portland, OR            "NCECA Wood Fired Ceramics", Lawrence Gallery,
           Portland, OR
           "Fire Up!", Studio Place Arts, Barre, VT
           "Architectural Echoes in Clay", Hendersonville, NC
           International Wood Fire Conference,
           Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ
2005 - "Connecting through Clay, Karatsu Pottery"
           Felissimo Design House and Sara
           present Karatsu Pottery, New York, NY
           "Chalk and Clay", Reeves Contemporary, New York, NY
           and Spheris Gallery, Bellows Falls, VT
2003-05 - Plum Gallery, Williamstown, MA
2004 - "Creations in Clay: Contemporary New England Ceramics"
           Currier Museum of Art, Manchester, NH
           "The Language of Wood: Woodfired clay"
           W.D.O. A Contemporary Craft Gallery, Charlotte, NC
           "The Naked Truth" International Wood Fire Conference
           at the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, Cedar Rapids, IA
2003 - White Lotus Gallery, Eugene, OR
2002 - "The New Way of Tea," Asia Society, New York, NY
           "Twenty Two Ways of Clay,"
           University of Texas, Tyler, TX
2000 - Huntington Museum of Art, Huntington, WV
            Blanden Memorial Art Museum, Ft. Dodge, IA
1997, 00, 03 - Gallery Daichi Arts,Ltd., New York, NY
1992-94 - "Bridge of Fire: Two Potters East and West,"
           (1992) Museum of Fine Arts, Springfield, MA
           (1992) Art Complex Museum, Duxbury, MA
           (1992) Japanese Information and Cultural Center,
           Washington, DC
           (1993) Noyes Museum, Oceanville, NJ
           (1994) Denver Art Museum, Denver, CO
           (1994) Whitman College, Walla Walla, WA
1991,97 - Gallery Manyodo, Tokyo, Japan
1990-05 - Genovese/Sullivan Gallery, Boston, MA
1978-98 - Azuma Gallery, New York, NY
1983,87,03 - Brattleboro Museum & Art Center, Brattleboro, VT
1985,92,05 - Art Complex Museum, Duxbury, MA
1970 - Takashimaya Gallery, Osaka, Japan

Art Complex Museum, Duxbury, MA
Bennington Museum, Bennington, VT
Blanden Memorial Art Museum, Ft. Dodge, IA
Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, DC
Currier Museum of Art, Manchester, NH
Denver Art Museum, Denver, CO
Huntington Museum of Art, Huntington, WV
Idemitsu Museum, Tokyo, Japan
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA
Museum of Fine Arts, Springfield, MA
Urasenke Society of New York, New York, NY

2009 - Arts Institute of Boston, Boston, MA
2008 - Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY
2007 - U Mass Dartmouth, New Bedford, MA
2006 - Woodfire Conference, Flagstaff, AZ
2003 - Bard Graduate Center, New York, NY
2000 - Huntington Museum of Art, Huntington, WV
1995 - Worcester Craft Center, Worcester, MA
1988 - NCECA, Portland, OR
1988,91 - League of NH Craftsmen, Hanover, NH
1986 - Asia Society, New York, NY
1983,94 - 92nd Street Y, New York, NY
1983 - Woodfired Aesthetics, sponsored by Studio Potter
           magazine, Japan Society, New York, NY

2008 - Art New England, (Feb/Mar) review p. 39
           by Craig Stockwell
2005 - ID Magazine, Nov. Issue, pp. 104-5, "Dining in the
           Rough," by Ernest Beck
           The Studio Potter, December, Vol. 34, No.1,
           "Pottery and Sculpture," by Malcolm Wright
2004 - The Log Book, Issue 19, "About Blowholes"
           by Malcolm Wright
2003 - Boston Phoenix, 3/10/03, review, "Smoking Pots"
           by Christopher Millis
2000 - Ceramics: Art & Perception, Issue 42 by Margaret Skove
           "Functional Ceramics & Sculpture: Malcolm Wright"
           Blanden Memorial Art Museum. By Margaret Skove
1998 - American Craft, (April/May) by Gerry Williams
1997 - "Four Friends: Variety in Juxtaposition,"
           Gallery Manyodo, Tokyo, Japan. By Malcolm Wright
1992 - "Bridge of Fire: Two Potters East and West," Museum of
           Fine Arts, Springfield, MA. by Samuel Morse
           "The Studio Potter Twentieth Anniversary Collection"
           June, Vol. 20, No.2
           The Studio Potter December, Vol. 21, No.1
           "Collaborating with Takashi Nakazato" by Malcolm Wright
1991 - Two Man Exhibition: T. Nakazato, M. Wright,
           Gallery Manyodo, Tokyo, Japan. By Samuel Morse
1990 - The Studio Potter, June, Vol. 18, No.2 "In Praise of Feet,"
           by Malcolm Wright et al
1989 - New York Times 10/1/99, by Ann Pringle Harris
           The Studio Potter, December, Vol. 18, No.1
           "Vermont Potters," by Gerry Williams
1988 - NCECA Journal (Fall), by Malcolm Wright
1987 - Japanese Crafts/New England. Brattleboro Museum & Art
           Center, by Ann & Sam Morse
1985 - American Craft (Oct/Nov), by Michael Boylen
           American Art for the Tea Ceremony by William Thrasher
1982, 89, 90, 92 -The Studio Potter magazine
1982 - The Studio Potter, December, Vol. 11, No.1
           "Studio Potter Survey of Woodburning Kilns" pp.10-11
           "Ceramic Pillows" p.80 by Malcolm Wright

Vermont Crafts Coucil

2003 Walter Cerf Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Arts,
          Vermont Arts Council

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